Security Awareness

Basic Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Sinclair Employees

Are you a Sinclair Employee who is interested in learning more about Cybersecurity?  Sinclair has partnered with SANS, a leading vendor in cybersecurity training, to provide all employees with training.  The training consists of multiple topical modules covering different aspects of cybersecurity.  Modules are only 2-4 minutes each.  To access the training, browse to  Your user ID is your full Sinclair email address.  If you have not logged in to the training portal before, you will need to contact (replace _AT_ with @) or call Sinclair's Help Desk to obtain your initial password.


Thanks to the success of the "World-Wide-Web", on-demand access to information at anytime and anyplace is now an expectation.

The popularity of "Social" media such as YouTube, Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter has set similar expectations for access to people. Add smartphones to the mix,and we now have the most mobile and interconnected network of people and information in human history, literally at our fingertips!

While this access provides many benefits, there is also a significant increase in risks and threats, both human and technological, associated with this connectivity.  While no single source can cover all the risks, the goal of this site is to provide information related to the most common and likely threats, and provide basic information related to effective practices for protection.

The Internet is home to viruses, worms, spyware, identity thieves, script-kiddies, crackers, phishers, and other malicious entities.  Even a new computer with the latest operating system is not adequately protected from harmful Internet activity.

The four most important things EVERY Windows PC user should do:

  • Use an Internet Firewall

  • Regularly check for and install critical updates

  • Use "live" Anti-Malware software with the most current signature updates

  • Regularly scan systems using malware detection and removal software

The Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) also offers comprehensive guidelines for home computing security:

These downloadable brochures cover common Security Awareness topics. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. You can download the free Acrobat Reader.

Want to learn more? Comprehensive but easy-to-understand information