Incident Response


To improve and streamline Sinclair’s ability to identify and respond to suspected or actual information security incidents, we have implemented a centralized incident reporting and response process. The goal is to provide a consistent reporting, response, and analysis capability to help maintain the overall security of Sinclair’s information assets.

Due to the interconnected nature and power of today’s information systems, compromises in information security can potentially occur from innumerable sources—from authorized user's compromised home computers accessing their Sinclair email, through desktop computers infested with adware or spyware installed by unsuspecting users, to sophisticated cyber-criminals exploiting new or unpatched vulnerabilities in servers and other networked systems.

Incidents range from accidental to deliberate, benign to catastrophic, and curious to malicious in purpose and consequence. The nature of these potential incidents requires the College to investigate and analyze each incident or suspected incident for severity and impact.

To report a known or suspected information security incident, complete and submit an Incident Report Form.

Click here for the PDF version of the Incident Report Form. Requires PDF reader software such as Foxit or Adobe Reader, both of which can be downloaded for free.

Click here for the Word version of the Incident Report Form. The Word version can be filled out and emailed or printed out and submitted as a hard copy.

Please provide as much information as you know about the suspected incident.  If you have questions or problems, email Information Security or call the Sinclair's CISO Dan O'Callaghan at 512-2452.

If you suspect Illegal or Criminal activity, immediately notify Campus Police by calling 937-512-2534.