Specific Restrictions

  1. Use of College information technology resources for unlawful activities is prohibited.
  2. Offensive, demeaning, harassing, or disruptive materials are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, materials that are inconsistent with the College’s Non-Discrimination policy or Employee and Students Harassment policies.
  3. Use of the College’s information technology resources for personal monetary gain is prohibited, except where activities have been approved in writing by the President or his designee.
  4. The use of information technology resources to solicit students or employees for any purpose, or to distribute literature for any person or organization, is guided by administrative policies related to campus access, usage, personnel, and student services.
  5. Users entering or accessing personal information must adhere to effective practices designed to minimize risk of compromise, to safeguard the information, and use it only in accordance with College policy and within the scope of their duties. Personal information is defined as first name (or initial) and surname, in combination with any of the following:
    • Social Security Number
    • Driver’s license number or state identification card number
    • Financial account, debit card, or credit card number(s)
    • Other information that creates a ‘material risk of the commission of the offense of identity fraud or other fraud to the individual
  6. Users processing, accessing, or transmitting data containing student record information must comply with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines. All student information must be treated as confidential, even public or "directory information" may be subject to restriction. Release of information contained in a student's record without the student’s consent is a violation of Sec. 438 Public Law 90-247. Any requests for disclosure of student information, especially from outside the College, should be referred to the Office of Registration and Student Records. Individual copies of the Student Records Policies and Procedures for Sinclair Community College are available from the Office of Registration and Student Records.
  7. A user will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to another user’s account.
  8. Information Technology resources will not be used in any way or purpose that could cause, either directly or indirectly, excessive strain on computing facilities or cause interference with others’ use of information technology resources. Examples include, but are not limited to: inappropriate use of email systems; willful introduction of viruses or other infections; wasteful acts such as unnecessary print jobs; tampering with network components; connecting unapproved technology to campus networks; unauthorized systems monitoring; creating a security breach in Sinclair network resources; and allowing access to unauthorized users; using peer-to-peer file-sharing software to allow unauthorized access to Sinclair IT resources.