Laptop Policies


Laptop Procedures

Laptops are available for checkout in our Library for a loan period of 3 hours. Only current students with a valid ID may borrow a laptop. Please be prepared to show your ID at the Service Desk.

While our loan period is designated for 3 hours please note that not all batteries will last 3 hours and we ask that you monitor the battery life. If you receive a message that the battery is low the Service Desk will be happy to change it out for you based on availability.

We do not recommend the use of laptops for on line tests or quizzes.


Borrower Responsibilities

In exchange for being able to borrow a laptop and accessories for use in the Library, I agree to:

  • Return the laptop on time at the end of a 3 hour loan period or 30 minutes before the library closes, whichever comes first.
  • Use the laptop for legal activities and observe all applicable laws, software license agreements, and college policies, including the appropriate use of information technology.
  • Not make changes in the operating systemNot allow anyone else to use the laptop.
  • Not remove the laptop from the Library.
  • Do not leave the laptop unattended for any reason.
  • Return the laptop in the same condition as when I borrowed it.
  • Save data on a mobile drive, email it to my account, or print. Any work saved on the laptop will be deleted once the laptop is returned.
  • Be sure to hand the laptop to the person at the counter and not leave it sitting unattended on the counter.
  • I understand that this laptop is the borrower’s responsibility until it is checked back in.
  • Reimburse Sinclair Community College for the replacement of this laptop and/or accessories if they are lost, stolen or damaged while in my possession. Replacement cost will be no less than actual cost paid by the college.

When you borrow a college laptop, you are responsible for returning it to the Library Service Desk in good condition and on time.
Not Returned – If you fail to return the laptop by the time the library closes for the day it is assumed that you have stolen it and the Sinclair Police will be contacted. You may then be charged with felony theft under the Ohio Revised Code (2913.02).


  • Takes the laptop out of the Library.


  • 1st Offence - warning.
  • 2nd Offence - cannot borrow laptops for the rest of that term.
  • 3rd Offence - Laptop priveleges are revoked permanantly.


  • Gives the laptop to another person. - If we notice someone else has the laptop, wait around 15 minutes or so before we identify the laptop as abandoned by the person that borrowed it. At that point they are in offence of the rules as per leaving the laptop unattended.


  • 1st Offence - cannot borrow the laptop for the rest of the term.
  • 2nd Offence - Laptop priveleges are revoked permanantly.


  • Leaves the Laptop Unattended


  • 1st Offence - cannot borrow the laptop for the rest of the term
  • 2nd Offence - Laptop privileges are revoked permanantly.