Log In to Campus PCs to Access Course Software

Students Must Log In to Campus PCs to Access their Course Software
To make access to course software more convenient, students must log in using their Sinclair usernames and passwords in many classrooms and labs. Follow the steps below to log in and access your software: 


  1. Enter your Sinclair username. If you are not sure what your username is, please call the Help Desk at 937-512-4357.

  2. Enter your password. If you do not know your password, use the What's My User ID Tool above. 

  3. Click on the arrow to log in. 

  4. To access and use the software through App-V and click on the application shortcuts on the desktop or Start menu. 

  5. If you do not see software listed that you think you should have access to, verify with your course instructor that the software is included with the course. If it is and you do not see the software listed, contact the IT Help Desk at (937)512-HELP (4357) or at helpdesk@sinclair.edu for assistance.

  6. When you are finished working on the PC, be sure to log off. 

    For questions or additional information, contact the IT Help Desk at (937)512-HELP (4357) or at helpdesk@sinclair.edu