Browser Updates

Internet Browser and Adobe Flash Player Update Process



IT subscribes to Google’s notification service. When new versions are released, we download them. IT then installs the new versions onto classroom computers. Currently, new versions are deployed onto office computers via App-V. This will change this summer when IT will begin installing the new versions onto  office computers.  



 IT checks for new versions of Firefox once a week. If one is available, it is deployed via App-V and   becomes the version published on the desktop. The older version is kept in place on the Start menu for a   few days in case of issues.



   Internet Explorer and Edge


Internet Explorer and Edge are updated automatically via Windows Update.



   Adobe Flash Player

 IT subscribes to Adobe’s notification service and does a weekly manual check of Adobe’s website. If a   new version of Flash Player is released, we deploy it for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Chrome and Edge   have their own Flash Players.