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Name Location Phone Title Department
Hollenbaugh, Gregory 13023F 937-512-3173 Enterprise Application Engineer
Application Administration
Hroncich, Nick 13000G 937-512-2405 Network Manager
Jacobs, Mathew 13000O 937-512-3022 Front-end Developer
Application Administration
Jenney, Gavin 10001 937-512-4357 IT Lab Specialist
User Support
Jindal, Archna 13023S 937-512-3279 Web Applications Developer
Application Development
Kennedy, Kelly 13023X 937-512-2463 Application Engineer
Application Delivery
Krasofsky, David 13000E 937-512-3052 Assistant Director
IT Systems
Low, Kevin 13000T 937-512-2859 Telecom Voice Administrator
McBain, Barb 13003B 937-512-4357 Help Desk Analyst
User Support
McCollum, Scott 13000A 937-512-3068 Chief Information Officer
Information Technology